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Awake and Unafraid

Emo Obsession

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Emo - it's a lifestyle, not a dirty word.
This is a community for anyone interested in emo. Maybe you're a fan of old-school emotive hardcore, or maybe you prefer the newer branches of pop-punk and post-hardcore. Maybe you love the fashion, maybe your friends are emo kids, or maybe you're just a confused outsider looking to learn more about the scene. Whatever your motive, you're welcome here!

Note: I'm not moderating membership so that I can get all elitist and only let people who are 'omgz SOOO emo!!1!' join. It's purely because I'm sick to death of seeing other emo communities get ripped to pieces by idiots who think it's funny to abuse people for their taste in music and fashion. Unless you're obviously a troll, you will definitely be accepted.

Community Rules

1. Be respectful to other members. You don't have to sugar-coat everything you say, but flaming will not be tolerated.

2. No coming here to sell stuff. No relentless pimping of other groups, either...if you want to advertise, run it by me first.

3. Please put any pictures or really large blocks of text under an LJ cut.

I think that's about it. Have fun!