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Awake and Unafraid

Emo Obsession

12/15/08 12:56 pm - xxlucyferxx - Bad mod. Bad bad bad.

So, Real Life has kind of been eating me alive lately...but I want to see this community more active, get people posting more, maybe have some actual fun with this.

Does anyone have any ideas or input? Stuff you'd like to see happen here?

12/14/08 11:42 am - vampyre_girl13

hello all, lol

10/30/08 02:13 pm - movehalfaninch - Hadouken!?

Has anyone here heard of Hadouken! before? My friend said they're like the UK version of Cobra, and I've got to agree... they're more dancey and electronic, but the vibe is the same. I got their album yesterday and cant stop listening to it so I thought I'd share with my other fangbangers: right here

I feel like I only post on here when it's about new bands that i love. I hope you guys don't mind. I kinda have a big mouth.

photos and video after the jumpCollapse )

10/17/08 01:44 pm - movehalfaninch - The Cataracs

Has anyone else heard of The Cataracs? They're a really cool new electro pop group from California, and everyone should check them out. I'm kind of obsessed right now, I've been listening to them nonstop for days. Check out some of their songs on their myspace:

If you like that, you should also see the video for "Julia," which might be one of my favorites of theirs:

10/7/08 10:32 pm - ally1313 - So depressed...

I've been so depressed recently, it's ridiculous...

Life sucks.

10/6/08 12:34 pm - vampyre_girl13

hi peoples. umm ya hiiiiiiii

9/21/08 02:12 am - xjessie_mcrx

I'm... not entirely sure how to describe myself. I have a lot of mood swings. People who randomly poke or otherwise touch me are the ones I can't stand. Sometimes laughter gives me headache, sometimes I laugh at everything. I often get the feeling I'm just another one of those kids who are really unstable and whose lives are hell. Who are hanging onto life by a band consisting of people who don't even know she exists!
Then I wonder who else could possibly be like me.... Hmm.

9/20/08 08:57 pm - ally1313 - So sick...

Okay, who besides me is sick of being judged all the time for the way you dress, or the way you act, and stuff like that?

I'm so sick of it!

9/10/08 04:26 pm - xxlucyferxx - Lalala

I am such a cheap drunk.

I'm already having trouble spelling - and I've hardly had anything to drink.

Just thought I'd let everyone in on that. *rolls eyes*

9/8/08 08:21 pm - vampyre_girl13

umm hi. i'm vampyre_girl13 and i don't know if this appropret, but i cut, A LOT. and i'm new. i like writing and art and all kinds of music but rap and hip hop.
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