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Awake and Unafraid

Emo Obsession

2/28/11 05:52 pm - xin_silencex

It's been a while since anyone posted here.
How's everyone doing?

1/6/10 05:45 pm - movehalfaninch - AM Taxi - Free Mp3!

AM Taxi is an awesome new band from Chicago. They have full length album coming out later this year, but until then check out their single, "The Mistake":

Grab it for free right here! Also, check them out on Myspace here!

7/21/09 04:22 pm - xxlucyferxx - *gets official*


I set this community up a while ago, pretty much on a whim, and never really bothered to do anything much with it. Lately we've acquired quite a few new members, and there's been some more activity, and I'm thinking this could make things fun.

I'm looking for a new moderator for the community. Somebody energetic and enthusiastic, with enough free time to do with this community what I've completely failed to do. :)

If anybody is interested, please comment here or drop me a message and we'll talk.

Lucy xx

7/20/09 03:36 pm - movehalfaninch - The Audition

The Audition are probably one of my fav bands in the scene right now. They seem like such great kids and their music is really good imo. i saw them play in NYC and they blew me away. you should totally check this tour out if you havent yet

check out this video of them playing "my temperature's rising" acoustic from direct tv:

check their stuff out on myspace and twitter

7/16/09 04:02 pm - movehalfaninch

The day is finally here! Watch the music video exclusively today at www.mtvmusic.com Open today, open yes, open your mind, open life, OPEN HAPPINESS!!!

Also, Check out pictures from the video shoot here! | Make sure you're following Open Happiness on Twitter for constant updates.

4/14/09 04:12 pm - movehalfaninch - "Open Happiness" remix contest on iMeem

Now that you've been totally infected with the undeniable catchiness of "Open Happiness" -- featuring Cee-Lo, Janelle Monae, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Brendon Urie of Panic At the Disco, and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Hereos -- here's a chance to make yourself even happier:
super expensive awesome prizesCollapse )

4/11/09 01:26 pm - vampyre_girl13

hellos peoples, misa backs :D:D:D:D

4/8/09 03:54 pm - movehalfaninch - This is an Open Happiness post.

Brendon Urie, Travis McCoy, Cee-Lo, and Janelle Monae come out to perform "Open Happiness" live:

Ryan Seacrest joins Gym Class Heroes in a pre-show ritual:

Photos of Travis and Brendon hereCollapse )

1/1/09 08:07 pm - xxlucyferxx - Rawrrr

It's summer holidays over here in Australia, and I'm staying with my grandparents BY THE BEACH...and there's all this fucking SUN and SAND and GIGGLING GIRLS IN FLAMBOYANT BIKINIS. It's pretty scary. :P

I'm gonna come home with such a bad tan. And it's gonna suck.

First time in...oh, two years or so that I've gone out without eyeliner, though...

12/31/08 08:37 pm - vampyre_girl13

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